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Culinary Tourism in Bali

Melancaran (= Bali Road - the road) Do not miss the culinary tours during vacation in Bali, enjoy a variety of cuisine that exists only in Bali. Consider the choice of restaurants, cafes and stalls are available for your vacation in Bali island.
Vacation to Bali it feels incomplete if not accompanied by a culinary tour, to try different types of foods that are only available in Bali.
Bali is unique as well as the food on this island, from luxury to simple, from international cuisine to traditional Balinese cuisine. All you can try for a holiday in Bali.
The following dining option that is often visited by domestic and foreign tourists.
Also available options Halal food restaurant with a dish for a holiday in Bali.

Russian Journalist Posts Indonesian Culinary

LONDON (AFP) - A total of five Russian journalists were traveling in Indonesia following the program familiarization trip (Fam Trip) that there is such a culinary team of reporters from the Locator Press Agency (Food, Wine & Travel), which specifically covered the culinary tourism in Indonesia.
Fam Trip was held Ministry of Culture and Tourism Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with the Embassy in Moscow, said the Third Secretary of Embassy in Moscow Pensosbud function, Enjay Diana, in keterangana his press conference on Thursday.
Enjay Diana explained for 11 days from 15 till July 26 the journalists were held a culinary tour in Indonesia which will then be written in various media. After Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, the reporter traveled to Bali, Lombok and Komodo Island.
According Enjay, exotic Indonesian food can be without appeal, it's just that sometimes less publicity. To the journalists from Russia in culinary tour will taste the culinary of Indonesia.
They plan will provide for various types of cuisine Indonesian into the Russian language, he said.
It was announced by Director Locator Press Agency (Food, Wine & Travel), which is also a culinary media journalists in Russia, Anatoly Gendin, which recognizes Indonesia is very rich with culinary culture.
"I want to make travel guide books on Indonesian culinary in Russia Russian language so that people can know before visiting Indonesia," said Anatoly Gendin, which promised to promote Indonesia in Russia.
During his visit in Indonesia, Locator Press Agency covering a variety of food and cooking ground water including how to cook and serve it, such as soto betawi, Batagor, warm Yogya, bakpia pecking, chicken and goat satay, fried chicken, noodles and pork godok bolsters.
In addition to the typical cuisine of Jakarta, West Java, Yogyakarta, Bali and Lombok, they cover all food and cuisine of Aceh, Manado, Padang, Makassar, Makassar, Solo and Malang.
Journalists were not only visited the restaurant or restaurant typical Indonesian, but also visit the traditional markets and gardens, and met with Indonesian culinary experts.
Indonesian culinary expert, William Wongso in a meeting with Russian culinary journalist, said Indonesia has a variety of cuisine that is inherited from the ancestors.
Until now, the taste of Indonesian dishes were well maintained. Indonesian food tastes promotion is not only done in the homeland.
"Even the promotions are to go abroad, such as Korea, China, Singapore, Holland and several other European countries," he said.
"I want to also traveled to Russia to introduce Indonesian cuisine to the local community," added William Wongso.
Head of Sub Directorate of the Ministry of Culture and Market Development Priwisata RI, Vinsen Jemadu convey various foods to be written is only a fraction of the thousands of Indonesian food.
"It takes decades to complete accounting of Indonesian food," said Vinsen Jemadu.

Mount Merapi erupted on October 26, 2010.

On Tuesday 26 October 2010, Thursday 28 October 2010 at 16:13 pm, the most active volcanoes in the world is back spewing heat clouds.
Residents around Mount Merapi are many who become victims of volcano eruption tersebut.Banyak citizens seriously injured died even who was also a lot .. Allegedly Mbah Marijan, known as Mount Merapi caretaker also a victim, he died at his home dg prostrate position .. Mbah Marijan does not seem to want to go from a volcano region tersebut.karna his life he was there.
Until now the volcano is not yet safe, allegedly still will erupt again .. In anticipation, residents must evacuate the beginning until the situation is completely secure ..
That no longer citizens who become victims of volcano eruption, residents should be living far from the volcano wilyah .. it means they have to move because it .. stay away from the mountain road to trim it meletus.karna Mount Merapi may erupt at any time ..

Mount Merapi erupted on October 26, 2010.

    Mount Merapi erupted on October 26, 2010.

Eruption of Mount Bromo,

The mountain erupted spewing lava and heat that penetrated down the mountain to the place of human settlement disekitarkaki this mountain.previously been known that this mountain will erupt! lava mountain dismburkan It also comes with the smell of sulfur is very piercing nose.But when the lava has cooled the population utilize a cold lava lava they will be a provision for such a stone,


Mount Bromo has a crater with a diameter of ± 800 feet (north-south) and ± 600 meters (east-west). While the danger area of a circle with a radius of 4 km from the central crater of Bromo.
Tengger tribe residing in the vicinity of national parks is a tribal Hindu. According to legend, the origin of these tribes from the kingdom of Majapahit into exile. Uniquely, see the people around (my Su Tengger) look no sense of fear despite knowing it is dangerous Bromo-yes, including many tourists who visit the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park at the ceremony Kasodo.
Kasodo ceremony held every year (December / January) on the full moon. Through this ceremony, the community begged Tengger Tribe abundant harvest or decline the request for reinforcements and cure various diseases, in particular by offering offerings with tossed into the crater of Mount Bromo, Tengger society while others had to descend the cliff of the crater and reached to catch the offerings being thrown into the crater, as a symbol of blessing from the Almighty.
Scramble offerings are attractions that are very interesting and challenging at the same time horrible. For it is not uncommon among them fell into the crater.
Some locations / attractions to be visited:Cemorolawang. One entrance to national parks which are visited to see from a distance the ocean expanse of sand and crater of Bromo, and camping.Tengger Sand Sea and Mount Bromo. Bromo riding and hiking through the steps and watch the sunrise.Pananjakan. Viewing natural scenery of the mountain Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru.Ranu Pani, Ranu Regulo, Ranu Kumbolo and the summit of Mount Semeru. Lakes are very cold and always foggy (± 2200 m asl) is often used as a transit point for climbers of Mount Semeru (3676 m asl).Ranu Darungan. Camping, observation of animal / plant and captivating scenery.
Penanjakan which is the highest point in the Bromo-Tengger can be reached from Cemoro Lawang and from Tosari. From Cemoro Lawang down into the caldera of a vast sandy like a giant crater in a bowl with walls which altitude 300 meters; from here to climb again 600 meters towards the mountains through a narrow asphalt road winding road with little shoulder enough to the edge of abyss vehicle in one direction, and angle of incline is quite excited 60 degrees.There are many rental Jeep with a distinguished expert driver. There are 200 who are available to take the jeep with rates of 150 000 pp Cemoro Sewu to Bromo crater and Penanjakan round trip.This road is of course just right for a local driver who was tough and big balls. Most people find it difficult to imagine the case should be passed in a narrow corner, stop hanging half-clutch, to find a gap to avoid, krn no conceivable space in addition to the abyss if it makes mistakes. Indeed, meager "confident" to do so. But afterward, spectacular scenery all over the Tengger highlands above the peak is a very inadequate compensation.
 From here, Mount Bromo, Batok, Chair and Widodaren look small with a distinguished background of Mount Semeru batuk2 every 15 minutes. Penanjakan actually the most easily reached from the direction of Pasuruan, Tosari tanjakannya with normal reply. After Penanjakan forwarded to the top of Bromo trip across the sea with sand. Apart from the horses, vehicles can only approach 500 meters from the initial steps, and forward afoot, before climbing the 223 stairs up to the edge of the crater which is still quite active. A local motorcycle Honda GL with the type seen in the parking lot at the edge of the stairs of the crater of Bromo, a skill from the rider who is able to reach this place.
After the Bromo and Penanjakan, it seems a pity if the opportunity is used to hold around Tengger mountains, down to the lake Ranu Pane at the foot of Mount Semeru. Travel directed to the South around the Tengger caldera via a route east side. Temperatures range from 10 ° C mountainous perch and can reach zero degrees at night in the dry season.
The best visiting season: June to October and December to January.
How to reach the location: Pasuruan-Cafes-Tosari Dowo Wonokitri-Bromo-use cars with a distance of 71 km, Malang-Shack-Tumpang Klakah Jemplang-Bromo-use cars with a distance of 53 km, and Jemplang-Ranu Pani, Ranu Kumbolo, 16 km. Or from the Malang-Purwodadi-Nongkojajar-Tosari-Wonokitri-Penanjakan about 83 km. From Malang to Ranu Pani use the car for about 70 minutes, and then continued on foot to the peak Semeru about 13 hours.

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batik indonesia

LONDON, 25/11 - BATIK INDONESIA. Batik Indonesia Observer Lesley Pullen MA (right) describes the Indonesian batik motif on the sidelines he gave a lecture about batik "Batik of Java Coast Lor" before members of the Indonesian Association of British, Anglo-Indonesian Society held, at the Embassy in London, on Tuesday (24 / 11) night. Lesley Pullen who was wearing a white kebaya batik explains to members of the Indonesian Society Angglo mostly Britons motive Mega Clouds. AFP PHOTO / Zeynita Gibbons/Koz/hp/09.

Batik Indonesia

Batik is one of the indigenous cultures of several cultures in Indonesia. We as young people should be able to mempertahanakan culture that has existed for our national culture is not extinct or more until more is claimed if the State-lai. DO UNTIL ... .!!!!. however, now that is in someone's mind is always a question arises. "How to preserve our culture, especially culture of batik, which is almost extinct?". We now do not have to kawathir, because now in high school and junior high schools in Pare want to preserve the culture. By way of making batik as a lesson that includes the arts in the school.
In teaching, the students first be taught the material on batik, how to manufacture, as well as the materials used in batik. In the delivery of such materials using audio visual guidance counselor as to draw the attention of students.
After the introduction of batik material through the next stage students are taught how to manufacture batik motifs. Because motive is the first step in making batik. Without a batik motif would not be so if not propesional batik. Motif batik made it up to the creativity of every student. Because students will be able to pour his creation in the form of batik or batik painting.
After the students are taught new students motif told to choose one of their works and batik motifs form a group for making batik. Here students are taught the processes of making batik. And the cost of making batik is from tuition.
Its processes as follows:

1. Students were told to choose the motif of their work.
2. Students were told to buy the materials (eg cloth, night, canting,) in place that have been notified by the teacher.
3. After buying the materials the students began to design motifs on the fabric. Roughly takes approximately 1-2 weeks workmanship.
4. After a full cloth with a pattern, the next stage of providing night according to motifs that are made.
5. After the granting of the night, now the next stage of providing color to the fabric, then dried, Namu is not under the blazing Matari because it can cause color fading.
6. After that pelorotan night, which is done with hot water.
7. Finish.
After the ready-made batik, batik will be displayed in exhibitions or fashion. Displayed by students.
Hopefully with the lessons in school batik-batik culture of the school will make more sustainable and can membekal entrepreneurship for students to turn the company batik. And good schools that have not been making batik as learning to adapt the article say motivated.

Angklung So the World Heritage

BANDUNG - Traditional music Angklung Instrument will be confirmed as one of the world cultural heritage or a "World Intangible Heritage" by UNESCO in November 2010.
"God willing, Angklung in November or December this will be confirmed as a" World Intangible Heritage 'or world heritage by UNESCO, which originated from Indonesia, "said Chief Executive of the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO, Prof. Dr. H. Arief Rachman, in Building Pakuan Bandung, Monday.
He said, with dikukuhkannya angklung by UNESCO as world cultural heritage, then there will be no other countries who claim (claim) angklung. "If Malaysia wants to have (Angklung) go ahead, but it had seen its water springs (Angklung) from where," he said.
Besides angklung, it is also being sought for other cultures in Indonesia such as Fabric, Tari Saman could be confirmed as will be confirmed as a "World Intangible Heritage" or the world heritage by UNESCO which originated from Indonesia.
"We are working for other cultures in Indonesia such as Tari Saman and Woven Fabrics can be confirmed by UNESCO as" World Intangible Heritage "," he said.
Previously, angklung also rang been claimed by Malaysia as the country's native musical instrument.
In addition to the security and angklung recognition as world cultural heritage, will also be impacted economically.
Angklung crafters will benefit by getting many orders angklung from within and outside the country. (*)

dance mask

French choreographer Dominique Boivin witty look at contemporary dance performances at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, Friday (11 / 4). Dance performance, titled "Dance, a history according to my own way" showcases the history of dance world according to Dominique.
The history of dance may not be interesting if told by historians. But the choreographer has a unique way. The history of dance in human civilization packed in stage choreography. Ranging from primitive dance to hip hop today.
A choreographer, and also co-founder of dance group Cie Beau geste Frenchman, Dominique Boivin, "tell" about the history of dance through her work, titled "La Dance, une histoire a ma facon, (Dance, A History According Own My way, Red) , who performed in Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, Friday (11 / 4).
Through his work, Dominique describes the history of dance, since prehistoric times until the present, through his own eyes. For an hour, since at 20:15 pm, Dominique bernarasi dancing while occasionally expressing artistic development of dance from time to time.
Ketakjelasan early emergence of art depicted through dance movements that were irregular. He twisted his body mutarkan, jumping, swinging arms, and moving the head in different directions, like a primitive dance community.
Until finally, at one point, Dominique movement formed little by little more clearly. Then through the flexibility of his body, he "entered" into the XVI century. According to Dominique, at that time the art of dance began to be interested in geometric shapes.
The dance began to be done in pairs, between men and women. The dance began to contain the movements are stunning audiences. Until finally Dominique takes viewers into the XVIII century.
In this century, there is a great teacher of dance called Noverre. It was he who then introduced the ballet (ballet d'action, Red), and pantomime. Next he threw the question to the audience (perhaps to himself, Red), "whether the dance?"
Dominique describes the answer of the question that, by visualizing the hard work of a famous choreographer, Marie Taglioni. Dominique told, that in 1831, Marie Taglioni spent more than two hours a day to train his balance, so that he can stand upright with one foot.
Audience satisfaction
All that hard work, said Dominique Marie Taglioni made to achieve perfection in motion. This is a traditional way, but it brings benefits, and give satisfaction to the audience.
"In my opinion dance is a tool to achieve a goal or satisfaction," he said when met after the show.
Furthermore, Dominique express artistic development of dance from 1841, 1892, the late nineteenth century, 1936, 1913, 1925, the 1950s, until the present, which occurred in the United States, Russia, Japan, Germany, and France.
Through body movements and assisted with visualization images on large screens above the stage, Dominique told me, that the artistic development of dance in each and every country is different. Includes when the end of XIX century Russian ballet became popular, and it was in Europe on the contrary, ballet began to be abandoned.
"At that time, public taste and choreographer changed. Some of the works of choreographers in Saint Petersbourg, Russia, like Marius Petipa contributed to the culmination of ballet education, when he created a masterpiece Swan Lake, Nut Cracker, and Sleeping Beauty, "explains Dominique.
But in "La Danse, une histoire a ma facon" that have been demonstrated in some of these countries, Dominique seemed more focused on the development of dance arts in the United States, rather than in their home country, France.
"If mapped, the history of dance art is developed from the United States, Germany, Russia, Japan, France, and others. But until the 1950s, while in many countries the art of dance through many changes, in France, the art of dance remains in neo classical style, "he said.
Until the later years of the 1980s, the development of dance in France began to experience the "movement". Because, when the government began to fund the arts and culture. "When we have money then we can work," he said.
Dominique said, his work began to be created in 1994, but until 1999 continued to experience improvement. During the show, Dominique many use simple tools, such as masks, sticks, handkerchiefs, and others.
"I tried to use simple tools, which are easily found and seen," he said.
The most difficult thing in creating this work, clearly Dominique, is to make movements that are not the same for an hour. About 3 million of dance movements she had created the perfect choreography this time.
Dominique began dancing at age 6, with acrobatic dance style. Age 10 years to 18 years, she studied classical dance. He began to study contemporary dance with Carolyn Carlson.

Indonesian culture

Login Gamelan U.S. Education Curriculum

Gamelan was remarkable. Although only 15 years into the United States, traditional music from Indonesia that has now entered the educational curriculum of uncle Sam. "Gamelan and several Indonesian dance will be studied from kindergarten to college," said Joko Sutrisno, Director Sumunar Indonesian Gamelan Music and Dance in the cultural arena of friendship between Indonesia-Americans in Karanganyar, Central Java, on Wednesday (14 / 7).
According to Joko, the gamelan was late entry into the U.S. than the cultural traditions of other countries. However, the development of gamelan in there quite encouraging. No wonder if the recent U.S. education also incorporated gamelan into their curriculum.

Indonesia Sumunar Music and Dance is a performing arts organization based in Minnesota, USA. President Sumunar Indonesian Music and Dance Linda James said, until now there are 15 thousand more Americans who studied gamelan and dance from Indonesia

* Home * About Us o Ambassador o Staff o Indonesia * About Indonesia * Consular & Visa * Investment * Scholarships * Press o Press Release o Speeches * Video Tari Cendrawasih di Festival Folklor Kota Frenstat Pod Radhostem

Cendrawasihwasih dance and dance the Peacock has been shown by Indonesian dancers at the International Folklore Festival in the city's 10th Frenstat Radhostem Pod.
Besides featuring folk art from various regions of the Czech Republic, the festival also features international participants from Indonesia, Poland, Slovakia and Israel.
As the only group from Asia, dance Paradise and the Peacock received a good reception from the audience which meets the ground in front of City Hall.
"Speech is also evident from the enthusiasm of the audience who wanted to take pictures with the dancers with dance clothes. Appear to be present among the audience are some of the Indonesian people who live around the area "
The release was expressed, the activity took place on 28 August. In the evening the participants Folklore Frenstat hosted by the Mayor and Deputy Secretary of Defense as well as some Czech officials. On the occasion of the feast of different foods and drinks were served typical of the city.
On the second day (Saturday, 29 / 8) folklore parade participants dressed in traditional clothing Freenstat around City Hall. After the Indonesian delegation in particular was hosted by Mayor Frenstats, Mr. Stanislav Hrabovsky and discuss plans and Culture of Indonesia Product Exhibition that will be done in the city during the summer of next year.

plate dance

Balinese dance and aceh

People's Party event itself will be held on Sunday 17, as a form of Indonesian Independence Day celebrations, at the Power House Museum, Brisbane. Power House is located right on the lips of the beautiful Brisbane River, adjacent to New Farm Park.

Coordinator for People's Party event 2008, Pustika Rucita deliver, just like last year, the People's party this time will be enlivened local dances, fashion show Nusantara, music, and Indonesian food bazaar. The Summit is filled with the band's performance Maliq & D'Essentials.

Promotional events intended to attract more Australians to attend

People's Party received from about 150 spectators. Performance art is filled by Indonesian students and students who continue their studies in Brisbane.
 Tari Saman successful appearance riveting the audience, as well appearances include singing angklung Australian folk song 'Waltzing Matilda'

Dance Puspanjali expressed Made Prasiwi Bestari (Indooroopilly State High School students), Tika Ardhiani and Abriana (student of Psychology, University of Indonesia who lectures in the program-twin at the University of Queensland). Balinese dance performances had the support of the Balinese Community of Queensland.

Puspanjali appearance as the opening ceremony got a lot of welcome. A middle-aged female tourist from New Zealand who happened to be vacationing in Brisbane, Inez Barguern, approached the Balinese dancers after the performance to ask from which country these crafts.

Once notified that the art was from Indonesia and the first dish is a dance of Bali, Inez and laughed as she nodded. "I've been to Bali twenty years ago," he said. However, Inez said, when the first Bali he had not had time to watch the dance, but watched the procession of the arts who happened to be passing on the highway.

Food Bazaar

No less interesting than art events in the PRI's 2008 is a bazaar that sells a variety of Indonesian food is satay, gado-gado, empek-empek, martabak, fried rice, various noodles, cakes and snacks, and much more.

Just like last year, the PRI in 2008 seemed to be attended by many citizens of Indonesia in Brisbane, in addition to enjoying the arts and cuisine of Indonesia, also to meet fellow citizens as well as releasing long for home.

Pesta Rakyat Indonesia event lasted a full day, Sunday, August 17, from pk. 9 am to 9 pm. (Dp)

Tari Soyong

    Some of Australia's Deakin University student took a picture together after the dance brought the show farewell party soyong Indonesia In-Country Program, the building stage and Culture Faculty of Humanities University of Maulana Malik Ibrahim Islam Negeri Malang (1.23).

bali dance

Everyone must know both the people of Bali Indonesia and foreigners. Bali is very famous for its beautiful beaches to foreign countries. In addition to Bali's beaches also have other unique, namely dance.
Balinese dance in general can be categorized into three groups, namely the guardian or the sacred art of dance performances, art bebali or dance performances for ceremonies and also for visitors, and balih-balihan or the art of dance for the entertainment of visitors.
Balinese dance expert I Made Bandempada beginning of the 1980s never classify these Balinese dances, among others, who belong to the guardian for example Berutuk, Sang Hyang Dedari, Rejang and Line Gede, bebali among others are Gambuh, Pajegan Mask and Puppet Wong, whereas balih-balihan among others is the Legong, Parwa, Arja, Prembon and Joged, and various other modern dance choreography.
One of the dances are very popular for tourists is the Kecak Dance. Around the 1930s, Wayan Limbak worked with German painter Walter Spies to create this dance based on traditional Sanghyang and parts of the story of Ramayana. Wayan Limbak popularizing this dance while traveling the world with his troupe of Balinese dancers.

Dance of paradise and peacocks

Dancing Peacock Paradise and dance featured dancers Indonesia in the International Folklore Festival 10th audience acclaim that meets the ground in front of City Hall in the City Frenstat Pod Rodhestem, Czech Republic, at the end of last week.

Besides featuring folk art from various regions of the Czech Republic, the festival also brings participants from Indonesia, Poland, Slovakia and Israel, said First Secretary Embassy in Prague Pensosbudpar, Nurwahyudi Aziz, told Antara correspondent in London, Tuesday.

He said that Indonesia is the only group from Asia. Bird of Paradise and the Peacock dance appearance acclaim from the audience. They were photographed together with the enthusiasm of dancers including the Indonesian community living in the surrounding area.

The participants were also entertained Folklore Frenstat Mayor and Deputy Secretary of Defense as well as some Czech officials to treat a variety of food and drink typical of the city. The participants of previous folklore parade dressed in traditional clothing Freenstat around City Hall.

In particular, the Indonesian delegation were treated to the Mayor Frenstats, Stanislav Hrabovsky. At that time also discussed the plan and Indonesian cultural products exhibition to be conducted in the city during the summer of next year.

ndonesian culture is in Acknowledge Unesco

Indonesia is a country rich in cultural treasures because it has many tribes who have different cultures, ranging from language, art, dance, house forms, handicrafts, etc.. So many Indonesian cultures, making the government wonder how I keep it because it has a lot of news about pegklaiman culture by other countries, until the sauce (sambal plows, banana, pineapple, shrimp paste) has been patented by the Dutch and the patent on the soto Bandung already owned by Malaysia. Much effort has been taken by the government through the Minister of Culture and Pariwsata to maintain traditional culture is not claimed for other countries, one with patent at UNESCO.

lUNESCO is an organization of education, science and culture under UN auspices. Menetri Culture and Tourism of Indonesia has successfully patented the 3 traditional Indonesian culture at UNESCO, namely:

Puppet recognized UNESCO on 7 November 2003 as a masterpiece of oral and intangible haritage of humanity

Keris recognized Unesco on 25 November 2005 as a masterpiece of humanity's heritage of all nations in the world

Batik is recognized UNESCO on 2 October 2009 as the cultural heritage of humanity for Oral and nonbendawi (a masterpiece of oral and intangible haritage of humanity)
 Known for her elaborate puppets and complex musical style, the shape of an ancient story that originated from Java island of Indonesia. During the ten centuries wayang flourished in the kingdom of Java and Bali as well as in rural areas. Puppet has spread to other islands (Lombok, Madura, Sumatra and Borneo) where a variety of styles and musical accompaniment has been developed locally.
While these handmade dolls with variations in size, shape and style, the two main types of effect: three-dimensional wooden puppets (wayang klitik or Marionette) and the flat leather shadow puppet (wayang kulit) projected in front of a screen lit from behind. Both types are characterized by their costumes, facial and body parts are articulated. The master puppeteer (puppeteer) manipulates the arm rotates in a way slim rod attached to the puppet. Singers and musicians to play complex melodies on bronze drums and gamelan instruments. In the past, the mastermind regarded as cultivated literary experts transmitted moral values and aesthetics through their art. The words and actions of comic characters that represent the "usual" has provided a vehicle to criticize the social and political issues are sensitive, and it is believed that the special role may have contributed to the survival of puppets who for centuries. Wayang stories of characters borrowed from indigenous myths, epics and the hero of Persian stories. Repertoire and performance techniques transmitted orally within families puppeteer, musician and doll makers. Master puppeteer expected to memorize a large repertoire of stories and reading parts of the ancient poetic narrative and the songs are intelligent and creative.
Wayang Puppet Theatre is still enjoying great popularity. However, to compete successfully with other forms of modern entertainment such as video, television or karaoke, performers tend to highlight the comic scene at the expense of story line and to replace the music with pop songs, causing the loss of some unique features.

ondel ondel betawi

Ondel-ondel is one of the cultural arts of the Indonesian state from the State Capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. And also one of the main forms of Betawi folk performances that often featured in popular festivities are ondel-ondel. It seems ondel-ondel portray ancestors or ancestors who always keep their offspring or resident of a village.

Ondel-ondel that a large doll that is about ± 2.5 m with ± 80 cm diameter, made of woven bamboo, which is prepared in such a way so easily borne from it. Part of a mask or face mask, with a head of hair made from palm fiber. Face-ondel ondel men in the paint in red, while the women were painted with white color. The form of this show many similarities with that found in several other areas.

In Pasundan known as Badawang, in Central Java called Barongan Beans, while in Bali, better known by the name of the Barong Landung. According to estimates from a variety of acts that have existed since before the spread of Islam in Java.

Originally ondel-ondel serves as against disaster or interruption of wandering spirits. Today ondel-ondel is usually used to add vibrant folk festivals or for welcoming guests of honor, misainya at the inauguration of the new building was completed. No matter how swift currents of modernization, ondel-ondel still survive and become trimmer face of Jakarta metropolitan city.

festival indonesia

MELBOURNE, 23/10 - FESTIVAL INDONESIA. A number of students from Indonesia showed skill when playing Angklung event held titled Festival Indonesia at Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia on Saturday (23/10). The event which lasted for two days (23-24/10) showcases a variety of dance, food, and traditional fashion shows from various regions in Indonesia that aims to introduce Indonesian arts and culture to Australian society.

oreign student scholarship recipients of Indonesian Arts

SURABAYA, 23/10 - INDONESIA CHANEL 2010. A number of foreign student scholarship recipients of Indonesian Arts (BSBI) from Kemenlu RI 2010 brought the traditional dance of Bali, Barong dance in "Indonesia Chanel 2010" in Surabaya City Hall, Friday (22/10) night. The event featured arts and culture from various regions in Indonesia, including Padang Panjang, Bandung, Solo, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar attended by 59 people from 31 countries. AFP PHOTO / M Risyal Hidayat/ss/ama/10

Foreign Students Studying Indonesian Arts

Twelve foreign students from various countries to learn the culture "Suroboyoan" in Surabaya as government efforts to introduce Indonesian culture to the international community.
They learn through Indonesian Arts Scholarship Program (BSBI) Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the Production Head of Training and Introduction to East Java Cultural Art, Diaztiarni Azhar University, met in Surabaya Plaza Hotel, at Surabaya.
The twelve students came from twelve different countries of which came from Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, Timor Leste, Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Samoa, Tuvalu, Russia, including Indonesia, he said.
According to him, students who joined the program BSBI will get a lot of knowledge of art and culture of Indonesia, especially Java in various forms and aspects.
"We provide knowledge, such as Indonesian, dance and gamelan, batik painting and carving the mask, until the manufacture of woven crafts. A number of knowledge that will be given periodically during the three months," he said.
Meanwhile, General Manager of Surabaya Plaza Hotel, Joshua Anshori, explains, foreign students will be invited to observe the Bull Race Festival, Celebration of Eid ul-Fitr 1431 AH, Haul Sunan Ampel, Independence Celebration, and other cultural activities.
"We are consistent to continue to promote the culture of Surabaya, both nationally and internationally. One of them through this BSBI program," he said.
Looking ahead, he said, the trainees undergo training culture traditional dance routine at dance studio Surabaya Plaza Hotel. At each end of the matter they will display the result of his study in these four-star hotel lobby.
"They can show his ability to present traditional dances Suroboyo's," said the man was also predicated Chairman of Indonesian Tourism Council (Depari) East Java.
About BSBI, he added, is the latest program from the Ministry of Foreign Negedi which provides scholarships from various corners of the world. The objective of the program is to provide knowledge about the ins - outs of art and culture from a number of countries.
"Nationally, there are 60 students selected. They come from different countries. Meanwhile, 12 of whom placed in Surabaya," he said.

reog culture ponorogo

indonesia has a diverse arts and culture that spread across the country, where each region has a distinctive traditional culture and art, for example Reog Roxburgh of Roxburgh district. In public life, used as a binder Reog Ponorogo social intercourse, bridal procession in the event of marriage, tourism assets and the means of criticism for the ruling.
LEGEND Reog Ponorogo
According to legend Reog or Barongan originated from the story of Ki Ageng Demat Flea Suryonggalan who want to satirize the King of Majapahit, Brawijaya V. King The King at that time often did not meet its obligations because it is too influenced and controlled by the empress. Therefore made of leather Barongan kingpin tiger (Java Tiger) who rides the peacock.
The King is represented as a peacock while riding the tiger symbolizes the empress. In addition, for insinuation is safe, Ki Ageng protect it with trained troops, reinforced by the powerful ranks of the warok mandraguna. In the reign of the Duke of Roxburgh Batorokatong who ruled about 500 years ago, reog began to develop into folk art. Duke companion named Ki Ageng Mirah use reog to expand his power.
Through the beauty and uniqueness "dhadhak peacock" and gamelan, this art can collect enough mass. Reog is one evidence of local culture in Indonesia is still very strong with things of a mystical and powerful mysticism. Reog, often identified with the black world, thug or hero. Liquor and also constraints. There is also force loose supra natural.
Instruments retinue, kempul, tap, kenong, handheld, ketipung, angklung and especially salompret, voice tone that gave rise pelog slendro and mystical atmosphere, strange, exotic as well as excite. Many things that seem mystical art behind Reog Ponorogo. Warok for example, is the central figure in this art, which until now save a lot of things are quite controversial. Not a few people who consider warok profile has led to less good image of this art.
Warok is a force that relies on the truth in the battle between good and evil in the story reog art. Warok Old, is the guidance as leaders, while Warok warok Young is still in early stages of their studies. Nevertheless, life warok very contrary to the role they play on stage. It is said that warok until recently perceived as a figure who cast must have certain supernatural powers.
To be warok, travel a long, long, full of twists and a million teased. To get there, must master what is called Reh Kamusankan Truthfulness is the way of true humanity. Warok Old, until now still have a place as an elder in the community. Proximity to the spiritual world often make a warok asked his advice on the grip or the tranquility of the spiritual life. Advice that cited an old warok actually had often heard but the words that came out of his mouth as if powered.
Formerly known for its many gemblak warok, namely male teens who are sometimes more cherished than his wife and son. Maintaining gemblak is a tradition that has been deeply rooted in the community of artists reog. Seems to be the duty of every warok to maintain gemblak order to maintain its miracle. Moreover, there are strong beliefs among warok, intimate relationship with a woman even with his own wife, can trigger the dilution of all supernatural powers. Mutual love, cherish and try to please is the hallmark of special relaksi between gemblak and waroknya.
So far worse perception of warok, admitted starting removed. Efforts to restore the image of this art is done slowly. Profile warok currently directed towards eg start a positive leadership values and become a role model of society. Included also maintain that there are more and faded gemblak. Gemblak usual role as a dancer Jatilan, its role is now being replaced by young women. Yet this art-was first performed without a woman.
Besides warok, role-bearers darak pembarong or peacock, in the arts Reog Ponorogo, not be overlooked. Moreover, this art real attraction relies on physical strength and acrobatic. A pembarong, should have extra strength. He must have a good jaw strength, to withstand the bite load that is a form of peacock darak tiger's head adorned with hundreds of strands of peacock feathers that weigh two meters can reach 40 pounds during the show.
Once again the power of magic is often used pembarong to add this extra power. Such as, by way of using the implant, the neck pembarong. To become pembarong not enough by a strong body. A pembarong also must be equipped with something called the pembarong with revelation. Revelation is believed to be the pembarong as something very important in their lives. If not blessed revelation, which exhibited a pembarong dance would look bad and not fit to watch.
Several years ago the Foundation initiated the founding of Reog Ponorogo Reog Society archipelago, whose members consist of reog groups from various regions in Indonesia who had taken part in the National Reog Festival. Until now Reog ponorogo be very open to enrichment and changes in range of motion.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cape Frog Beach Resort

Cape Frog Beach Resort is the only five-star resort on the north coast of Java, which is equipped with various sports facilities, recreation and entertainment.Besides being an ideal place for family and relationships to spend time relaxing. Cape Frog Beach Resort is also the most appropriate place to carry out various meetings, seminars, recreation and family offices, school meetings, training, sports, entertainment, various events and even weddings graduation.
Location of the Cape of Frog Beach Resort is very strategic, on Jalan Raya Paciran a very historic, between Gresik to Tuban. This resort is one unit with Lamongan Marine Tourism and Tourism Goa Maharani. Also TKBR also close to several tourist pilgrimage in Lamongan, such as pilgrimages and the tomb of Sunan Sunan Drajad Dhuwur Spring. About 15 km, you can visit the tomb of Sheikh Asmoroqondi and about 5 km there Bronwen Fish Auction Place, which serves various kinds of fresh fish from fishermen results directly from the sea. You can also visit Goa Akbar and the tomb of Sunan Bonang with a distance of about 30km longer than the location of the hotel.
In TKBR environment there is also a very broad field, which can be used for various student activities, such as entertainment, muse or bonfire night, while enjoying the feel of sea breeze and beautiful waves.
TKBR also provide recreational areas from evening until morning, that is Marina beach. You can directly go to the beach and a walk on the pier while watching the small boats as well as people who were fishing and netted fish in the vicinity. You can also use the tools to play on the beach, beach volleyball and bathing in fresh water swimming pool.

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plengkung beach banyuwangi

G-Land, the Seven Giant Waves Wonder "nickname was given by foreign surfers to the waves roll on shore Plengkung which is located in National Park Alas Purwo (TNAP), Banyuwangi, East Java. G has three different connotations: Green, krn its location in forest edge, Grajagan, the name of the nearest point before crossing the road in the woods or Great krn one of the best waves in the world. Whatever it means, that's the nickname for a local name called Plengkung.
Waves in Plengkung is one of the best in the world. Waves as high as 4-6 meters along the 2 km Dlm formation seven layers suitable wave ridden by surfers left-handed. Plengkung addition to professional surfer, there are also Beach Batu Lawang to learn. The waves here called "twenty-twenty," which means twenty minute paddle to ketengah and twenty minute catwalk enjoy the waves.
TNAP besides surfers paradise is also a place which can satisfy the preferences of adventure through the woods, observing wildlife and visiting in Sadengan gua2 mystical. Somehow TNAP also places most frequently visited for the purpose of meditation with various ethnic and religious backgrounds from all over Indonesia. Some people even have survived 3 years meditating jungle / cave with only eating food potluck or daun2an didptkan distinguished surroundings. Gua2 place to meditate is the Cave Palace, Princess Cave and Cave Padepokan, in addition to the Cave of Tigers who supposedly has mystical value high. This cave is reached from Post Pancur as far as 2 km on foot.
In addition to the meditation cave, there is already a distinguished Old Temple was there long before there TNAP. Kenunikan temple tsb. forest in the center of TNAP. Cave tsb. Named Giri Seloka; many adherents in the day visited the holy Paging Wesi.
Sadengan 200 observations where the tail of a bull, as well as deer and peacocks, are not far from the entrance Rawabendo, 3 km macadam road through the old teak plants which have been reforested status. Ngagel beach where leatherback turtle breeding, abu2 and green is just 3 km from Rawabendo through macadam road and sandy beach.
TNAP distinguished location is at the threshold of a distinguished narrows east, has a lot of nice beaches silent, distant, far away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist city. Its beaches classified as fine and white sand like. Trianggulasi beach. Here lies the inn who is good enough to spend the night, but perhaps the most swift current.
Pellet with its white sand beach which is round besar2 sand very lightly, so that was difficult to walk dipantainya. There is another beach with sand which Ireng Parang jet black. On the beach between Pancur to Plengkung sapodilla forest there is a unique kecik who grew lined the beach. Sapodilla fruit forest kecik distinguished red skin with no one to harvest and falling on the ground, the fruit can be eaten straight with a distinguished taste sweet.
Forest TNAP can be reached via the town of Banyuwangi towards Muncar or Benculuk continue towards via Tegal Dlimo Anyar Market. From here drive 10 km through the macadam road to the main door of the National Parks in Rowobendo. From Rowobendo, 3km with macadam road leading to the post Pancur. From Pancur bercabang2 road towards Sadengan, Ngagel beach or continue to Plengkung. From Pancur to Plengkung 6km so far, although still a new asphalt road (a small fraction has not been completed), while this may only be achieved with 3 ways: on foot for 2 hours, and TNAP trail bike ride jagawananya, or using a special transport pick up a distinguished managed TNAP. Private vehicles may only be parked at the post Pancur. Location Ngagel beach, Sadengan, beach Trianggulasi dpt achieved in a matter of a minute of Pancur krn can be gone in a breeze using any vehicle.

Medini tea plantation Kendal

Medini tea plantation not far from the hot spring Gonoharjo Limbangan, there are tea plantations Medini the scenery is very beautiful and charming. Every morning we can see the village girls picking tea leaves while enjoying the cool mountain air. In addition to the tea garden Medini, there are rubber plantations Merbuh, Brittle Little in District Singorojo and coffee plantations Sukomangli Patean District which is a tourist destination other agro. These places often visited by foreign tourists from Japan and the Netherlands to reminisce. Merbuh plantation area in the campsite there are also areas that are always crowded during school holidays. It is also often used as a youth camp activities both at regional and national level.

kalimutu lake (lake three colors)

Kelimutu is a high mountain 1640 meters above sea level has three crater at the summit called the Lake of Flores. All three color lake water Flores has different and changing every moment. From the red color became dark green and then red hearts. Sometimes a blackish brown color, and blue. The third area of the lake of about 1,051,000 square meters with a volume of 1292 million cubic meters of water. Boundary between the lake was a narrow stone walls prone to landslides. This wall is very steep with 70-degree angle. Lake wall height ranges from 50 to 150 meters. Kelimutu last erupted in 1886 and left three shaped crater lake where the water is colored red (Tiwu polo ata), blue (Tiwu ko'o Nuwa fai muri), and white (Tiwu ata bupu). The three colors are starting to change since 1969 when the eruption of Mount Iya in Ende, and color changes were ever alike. According to local belief, the lake with the red water is the gathering place of spirits from around the world. Lake with red water is the gathering place of evil spirits, blue lake to the young men and women, and white lake for the elderly. "The soul would be living in the three lakes was based on social status," the recognition of one staff of the Department of Tourism Kab.Ende Djafar Sidiq who know exactly about Flores.
On the way to Flores, visitors can enjoy views of flora and fauna rarely found in other places such as mountain pine, redwood, edelweiss, porcupines, wild pigs, rats, and birds gerugiwa. Stunning scenery you can also see such activities continue steaming solfatara and crater walls are yellow. When you cast a glance toward the east as it reaches the peak of the red lake, a hill seen towering round. That Buu Ria, the highest location in Mount Flores

Poor hot water bath

Hot-water bathing Cangar Tourists will actually be made at home for long was in hot spring tour Forest Park (Tahura) R. Soerjo Cangar. In the tourist attraction located in the hamlet Cangar, Sumberbrantas Village, District Bumiaji, Stone Town Tour, these tourists can soak for hours in the pool water warm. To enter in the tourist area of this nature, you just pay Rp. 2,700 per person.
Armed with this ticket, you can enjoy all the region's tourism potential. Not only warm water pool, you can enjoy the pristine natural surroundings. You do not have surprised witnessed various forest animals such as monkeys are still able to live freely. The animals are free swinging on a tree branch. Action of the monkey is certainly a complement of entertainment hot spring tour Cangar.
In addition to enjoying the sensation of Talun Waterfall Coban, Coban Rais then soak in hot water Cangar, you can also browse rimbunnya Tahura Raden Soeryo. This area is perfect for camping (camping). Here you can also see from the fountain near the Arboretum that became a living communities in 14 Cities / Regencies in East Java. In the Arboretum, you can see directly the various collections of rare plants and Grassland Lalijiwo a wide splayed as if no limits.Indonesia Tourist Paradise

bird island

Hair Island is also famous by the name of the Kingdom of Bird Island. The extent of 45 hectares. The island is in tumbuhi lush mangrove forests and coral reefs are very beautiful. The Dutch call this island with the name Nidelberg. in ordinary circumstances, it is estimated around 20,000 birds living on the island. In March through September, that number increased to up to 50,000 birds. The birds were thought to come from Australia.
Bird Island by the Government is determined as a bird sanctuary, while nearby Bokor Island determined as marine sanctuaries. Bird Island is located in west Jakarta.

princess island tour

Island Princess is located north of the Thousand Islands. Therefore, the distance from Jakarta, more practical people achieve it by using the aircraft. From Kemayoran, made a flight to Long Island near the Island Princess. From Long Island, we travel by motor boat to the Island Princess. Location of the Island Princess isolated and aloof from the other islands. Beautiful white sandy beaches.
On the island there are Puteri ornamental fish aquarium, underwater aquarium, tennis courts, and lizards in a mini zoo. The location of this island are quite far from Jakarta to make the sea around the island is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and diving

angel island

Floating Cottage Manado ethnic style is characteristic of the nearby resort island from Marina Ancol (20 minutes by speedboat). In this island there are ruins of Dutch fort named Martello Tower. This island is also called Island Hospital.
Located adjacent to the island of heaven. The extent of only several square kilometers and surrounded by foot it takes only half an hour. On this island there are relics of Portuguese, which is a fortress made in the 17th century. This island, the Dutch era, used as a quarantine island. To get to this island only takes about 30-45 minutes by motor boat that is routinely sail the Marina beach route to and from Angel Island. In front of this island there is the island of Onrust.

Maluk coastal tourism

Beach is located in the Village Maluk Maluk, District Jereweh, West Sumbawa Regency. From this Maluk Beach, tourists can see the enchanting beauty of the Gulf Maluk. Not only that. Maluk beach often used by tourists as a surfing arena. No wonder when the world-class surfers at the beach always scheduled activities Maluk."Waves on the Beach Maluk has been included in the list of world's best waves for surfers," explained Eldiman, one surfboard at the Beach manager Maluk SH encountered recently. By the surfers, the waves on the beach Maluk given the nickname Super Suck. The nickname was given because the waves toward the mainland was divided by a headland.
 By local residents, the headland was named Cape Ahmad. The surf is rolling up to a height above two meters. The waves continued to roll in as if to suck up to the surfers who tried to conquer it. According Eldiman, only expert surfers who play on a surfboard are able to conquer the waves Maluk Super Suck Coast.
If tourists do not carry a surfboard, do not worry. Eldiman says it is ready to rent a surfboard. Concerning the rental rate, there is no specific tariff. "Sometimes we even lend it for free," said Eldiman. With the waves are so challenging, I wonder if the Beach Maluk become a means of showing off skills of the surfers who come from all over the world. Usually they come at times of holiday. The atmosphere is still relatively quiet beach, making the tourists become more enjoy.
Indeed, compared to the coastal tourist attraction in Bali, Beaches Maluk not much visited by tourists. Beach Maluk still less popular than the Kuta Beach and Sanur Beach. Yet in terms of exotic charm, Cote Maluk no less. And soft white sands and blazing sun that emits light, can make tourists feel at home in the sun. For tourists who do not want to sunbathe or surf, to spend time with canoeing. Each canoe can be rented.To visit the beach is not very difficult Maluk. Transportation facilities needed by tourists available at all times. From the capital city of West Nusa Tenggara, Mataram, takes about six hours to get to the beach Maluk. About two hours drive using the ferry from Port Kayangan Lombok. The rest of the journey taken through the darat.Wisata Indonesia ParadiseBookmark and Share